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QUICK UPDATE / FAQs / CLASSES 4/1/21 @ 10am

TRACK - We didn't get any snow last night, the track is clear and Steve and the track crew are out prepping the track to make it amazing for opening weekend

LOTS of questions coming in:

GATE TIMES - see the flyer in the photos for all the times or see our previous post with all the weekend info

COSTS - FRI - $5 for spectators, $20 to practice on mini track, $30 on the big track, if you come in with a camper we assume you are staying the weekend and you will pay the whole weekend gate fee $20/per person ($10/day) and if you leave early you'll get your $$ back SAT - $10 Gate fee (you will pay $20 and get $10 back if you leave early) $30/ per race class (AMA and D14 Required) SUN- $10 Gate fee & $30/ per race class (AMA and D14 Required)

MEMBERSHIPS - you will need an AMA and D14 Cards to race if yours is expired and you renew online make sure you have PROOF of renewal, an email with your ama # or D14 # is needed or you'll be buying a renewal at signup. Renewals are AVAILABLE at Signup AMA is $49 and D14 $15

CAMPING - NO Additional Camping fee, you can have a small contained campfire, no loud generators after 10pm

CLASSES - YES WE HAVE a bunch, see the pics for D14, ATV, and Valley track classes NEW for 2021 - 55+(D14) and Open D (Track Class only)

FOOD & DRINKS - 3Ds Concession will be trackside to provide food and drinks all weekend, as always you can bring your own also

UNDER 18 Racers - NEED to have a parent or guardian present, or fill out the Notarized permission slip (check our website) our insurance does NOT accept the yearly minor release so a daily minor release will need to be filled out

PIT VEHICLES - YES you can drive your ATV, UTV, Golf Cart in the pits at a SLOW speed, must be 16+ PIT BIKES - 1st gear in the pits if you are under 16 you must wear a helmet Violate these rules and you will be walking

Thank you and we look forward to the opening weekend of AMA District 14 Motocross Racing

Who’s Ready for the first weekend of Racing ?!?!

THURSDAY April 1st - Gates open 5pm-11pm

FRIDAY April 2nd - Gates open 7am -Midnight Open Practice BIKES+ATVs 12pm-4pm $30 Big Track. $15 Mini Track $5 Spectators No Membership needed to practice NEW FOR 2021 - Practice Stickers Required

SATURDAY April 3rd - RACE DAY BIKES +ATVS Gates open 7am-Midnight Sign Up 7am-Start of Practice Practice 9am Racing follows practice  AMA and D14 memberships are required and available at sign up

Easter Egg hunt for kids following racing

SUNDAY April 4rd - RACE DAY BIKES +ATVS Gates open 7am Sign Up 7am-Start of Practice Practice 9am Racing follows practice AMA and D14 memberships are required and available at sign up

Click the Pics to enlarge

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